Signature Bodywork Sessions

Sacred Lomi

Literally, an experience beyond words - many of our clients are actually speechless at the end of our 90 minute Sacred Lomi massage. Full length body strokes, blended oils, setting specific music, hot towels and Hawaiian Kahuna energy based techniques make this a one-of-a-kind session. If you are looking for something that is more than just a typical massage, we are certain you won't be disappointed. We actually have out-of-state clients that fly-in to receive a Sacred Lomi session. See this link for draping options and preparation suggestions.  (90 minute session - $105.00)


Tremendously relaxing and purifying - a 90 minute holistic balancing session. Consisting of lemon - salt cleansing of the feet, dry brushing with silk gloves (garshana), application of dosha specific oils (abhyanga), ear oiling (karna purna), nostril oiling (nasya) and third-eye oil flow (shirodhara). In Ayurveda, application of dosha blended oil to the skin is seen as healing and assists with hormone and general body functioning.  You don't need to travel all the way to India to experience your session.  See these links for your dosha questionnaire, or preparation, and draping options.  (90 minute session - $105.00)


A LaStone session is more than just a 90 minute hot stone massage. LaStone techniques borrow from Native American traditions to provide a unique stone massage experience. Base and essential oils are applied to the body and hot stones are used to help the oils deeply penetrate and rejuvenate the skin, all while surrendering to the sounds and spirits of relaxation. We are very specific with our stone temperatures and technique to assure your comfort. See this link for session specific draping information.  (90 minute session - $105.00) 

Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage

Swedish Massage

This is the classic massage session for general relaxation and stress reduction. Using oils or lotions, your body is gently and traditionally massaged to promote wellbeing and relaxation. Swedish massage is available as either a 60 or 90 minute session. If this is your first massage, this type of session is a good place to start. Our signature Sacred Lomi, LaStone or Ayurvedic bodywork sessions also promote relaxation and stress reduction but in a more holistic and esoteric manner. (60 minute session - $60.00 or 90 minute session - $105.00)

Therapeutic Massage

Choose to schedule a 60 or 90 minute therapeutic session when you have a specific issue that needs to be addressed. This session can help with a wide range of issues such as: sore muscles, range of motion joint restrictions, muscle spasms, chronic tension, painful trigger points, or neck pain. We believe that it is impossible to force a muscle to relax. Our techniques work with the body to facilitate improvement and symptom reduction. (60 minute session - $60.00 or 90 minute session $105.00)

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy utilizes gentle touch and therapeutic movements.  Specific techniques focus on the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the spine and the synarthrodial joints of the skull. Still point and occipital base release techniques also directly assist natural alignment of the spine and skull. Considered to be similar to osteopathic concepts, CST can help with a wide range of issues such as: headaches, stiff neck, low energy, sinus congestion, ringing in the ears, dizziness.... and much more. Some techniques can be used while in an acute state.  (60 minute session - $60.00)

Specialized Massage and Bodywork

Pregnancy Massage

The body's adaptation to the birthing process does not come without some negative impact. Our sessions can help relieve many stressors and facilitate  easier transition during pregnancy and post-partum. Research shows that prenatal massage has many benefits for both mother and baby. Post-partum massage can assist in reduced recovery time, reduced post birth pain and a quicker return to pre-pregnancy body form. See this link for our pregnancy consent and risk factor form.  (60 minute session - $60.00) 

Integrative Bodywork

Integrative Bodywork is our own, evolving, concept of body and energy work. When most people receive a massage or other type of session, they ask for and receive a specific set of techniques described by the session type. Integrative Bodywork blends any of our session techniques and concepts into a unique session for our client. Designed to bridge the gap between mental, emotional and physical issues - we use whatever we have in our tool chest to help our client achieve wellbeing and balance.  (90 minute session - $105.00)


Ortho-bionomy is a combination of techniques and methods that than can be used for chronic or acute issues. While ortho-bionomy is hard to describe in a short paragraph - the goal is to reestablish equilibrium. Techniques include movement, rotations, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and subtle trigger point awareness. The body is aided in its own ability to reduce muscular tension, reestablish alignment, improve range of motion and facilitate overall balance.  (60 minute session - $60.00)

Massage and Bodywork Forms and Information

The following forms are made available for you to review and complete prior to your session. Feel free to complete appropriate forms ahead of time. Or, you can complete them upon arrival, prior to your session.