Wishing Wellness offers traditional Reiki and Karuna Reiki classes. Classes are hands-on and range from introductory classes to Reiki Master Teacher level. All classes include text, materials, appropriate meditation practices and attunements. While we explore various Reiki principles, our classes follow the Usui Reiki tradition. Classes are typically scheduled to be completed over a single weekend. For more information see our Reiki Info Page. See this page for more information about our Reiki lineage.


Shamanism is the oldest form of spiritual help and healing. Developed prior to the establishment of formal religions, shamanic practices were found across all cultures. Shamanic classes are designed to help you develop thoughts, practices, and methods to help promote spiritual wellness and assist others. Classes offered include: Introduction to Shamanic Journeying; Soul Retrieval; Connecting with Nature and Divination; and Psychopomp and Dying. See this page for details and a schedule of classes


We approach the practice and learning of meditation from both a spiritual and wellness perspective. Being a calm, balanced, thoughtful person helps to make us healthy and well. Meditation has been shown to support the parasympathetic nervous system and enhance immune functions. Research shows that meditation is useful to help reduce depression, anxiety and other emotional issues. Meditation can also bring us closer to our Higher Powers. See this page for class info and dates.