Confidentiality Policy

Key to Confidentiality

Your Privacy is Our Primary Concern

We specialize in personal services to help promote emotional, physical, spiritual and mental wellness. A key to our success and reputation is our confidentiality policy. Our policy is simple; without a written consent release, we will never voluntarily disclose to anyone:

  • If you are a client
  • The type of services you have utilized
  • Your choice of draping options (for bodywork sessions)
  • Any personal information from your client file or record
  • How frequently you have utilized services
  • Any information discussed or disclosed in the course of receiving services

The only exception to our policy is based on a legal requirement or court order. Even then, we will be as minimally disclosing as is possible.

In the case of client referrals (which we appreciate - Thank You), we will not acknowledge or discuss your participation with our services.