Draping and Information

Massage and Bodywork Draping

Your Comfort and Privacy Is Our Primary Concern

This information applies to Sacred Lomi, Ayuervedic, LaStone and Integrative Bodywork sessions. All other session types use traditional sheet based draping. See our Bodywork page for Sacred Lomi and Ayurvedic draping consent forms.

As you can see from our massage and bodywork service listing, we offer a wide range of modalities. Some of our sessions are very typical of what you would receive anywhere in North America. Other sessions are more esoteric and are derived from techniques developed in other cultures or locations. For these non-traditional sessions, we offer a choice to use modified draping for portions of your session. The United States (Northern Florida specifically) is pretty conservative compared to other locales and countries (like California or Europe) and because of that, we want to make sure that you understand your draping options. An overwhelming majority of our clients choose modified draping options that are consistent with the session type and they report that they feel it makes a difference in the overall session experience. It would be great if a session could just unfold without this detailed draping discussion. However, in our culture, we have to make sure that we provide a clear explanation of your choices. 

General Guidelines To Keep In Mind

  • We will keep your draping choices confidential (see our confidentiality policy for more info)
  • At any time during a session you can always choose to change to a more conservative draping option. However, the opposite is not true; once a session starts, you won't be able to ask for a more liberal draping option. This is because you will sign a consent form at the beginning of the session and we don't want to interrupt the session in order to have a new consent form signed.  
  • At no time, with any session type, will the genitals be exposed or undraped. 
  • At no time, with any session type, will contact be made with the genitals or breasts (except in the limited cases of medical breast massage related to cancer, lymphedema, or mastectomy)

Sacred Lomi Specifics

  • A portion of Sacred Lomi uses full length body strokes that mimic the sense and feel of floating in the ocean. In order to perform those strokes to the fullest intent, the breastbone (sternum) needs to be accessed. During that portion of the session, you can choose to not have any breast draping. 
  • A Sacred Lomi session involves a variety of strokes and techniques. The session is best experienced using towel draping. Towel draping allows for the fullest delivery of the session as intended. 
  • The closing aspects of a Sacred Lomi session are very grounding. Some people describe the closure process as emotionally powerful. In order to perform the Sacred Lomi closing as intended, it is not possible to have breast draping at that time.
  • Sacred Lomi sessions involve a liberal amount of oil and the practitioner uses their forearm for many of the strokes. Therefore, it is very helpful if the client has recently shaven areas of the body that they typically shave. Hair stubble and dirty skin complicates oil application and the stubble is rough on the practitioner's forearm.
  • Sacred Lomi is worth experiencing. Even if you choose conservative draping, it is still worth trying a Sacred Lomi session. We will always work with your comfort level.

Ayurvedic Specifics 

  • We can perform a traditional Ayuervedic session using towel draping or provide a disposable bra (females) and underwear (females or males) 
  • During a short portion of the Ayurvedic session, it is optimal to silk dry brush and massage marma points on the breast bone (sternum) and areas around the chest. During this portion of the session, you may choose to not have breast draping. 
  • Dry brushing with silk gloves (garshana) and oil application (abhyanga) is an essential part of this session. It helps if if the client is recently shaved in areas they typically shave and the skin is clean.
  • The end of an Ayurvedic session involves Shirodhara, oil flow over the third-eye (forehead) and hair. At the end of the session your hair will be very oily. You should bring a shirt or blouse that you won't mind getting oily.
  • At the end of your session, you will be given a bottle of the oil that was blended for you based on your dosha questionnaire. It is ideal if you can apply this oil to your skin before going to bed for several days after your session. It is also recommended that you not shower directly after your session so the oil has an extended period of time to penetrate the skin organ.
  • You can opt out of any portions of the Ayurvedic session. We recommend the full session because each part has a specific purpose. That said, some people don't want oil in there ears or nostrils. Just let us know your preferences.

LaStone Specifics

  • We can perform a LaStone session with either sheet or towel draping. Towel draping is recommended in order to perform several of the stone stroke techniques on the back and sides of the body.

Integrative Bodywork Specifics

  • Integrative Bodywork sessions draw from any of our massage, bodywork, or energy based sessions
  • Depending on your consultation, we will jointly pick-and-choose what best works for you
  • Based on your choices and what we agree upon for your session, any of the above mentioned draping options are possible