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Depending on your spiritual or scientific perspective it is believed that humans, similar to us, could have been around for as long as 125,000 years. Ever since humans have existed, methods for wellness and well being have also existed. Modern medicine is a relatively new science and much of modern medicine has origins in homeopathy, natural remedies and ancient traditions. There are many valid alternative choices to help enhance wellness and well being that are not in contradiction to science or religion. Provided in an holistic and confidential setting, our clients often obtain substantial benefits from these subtle and esoteric services.        

Reiki | Acupressure | Shiatsu | Meridian Energy Work

Reiki Sessions

There are a lot of different definitions of Reiki. We describe Reiki as a Japanese form of meditation and concentration that helps facilitate healing and wellness. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. Blockages or stagnation of energy are seen as the cause of illness. This lack of flow can manifest itself in physical, mental, emotional or spiritual compromise. Reiki techniques and methods help eliminate these blockages and improve energetic flow. For many clients, a Reiki session is very passive and calming, for others, it is a dynamic process involving energetic releases and heightened awareness. Traditional Reiki sessions are conducted with the client fully clothed. Since we are also licensed as a massage therapist, we offer an option to integrate abbreviated Reiki techniques into a traditional massage. A classic Reiki session is typically 60 minutes long.  (60 minute session - $60.00) . To get the most out of your Reiki session, there are some recommended preparation suggestions.

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Clients who are seeking a more comprehensive energy & bodywork session may consider our Integrative Bodywork session which includes Reiki along with other energetic methods.

Acupressure & Meridian Work

Since ancient times, almost every culture has practiced some form of health and wellness concept that relates to improving smooth and unrestricted energy flow throughout the body. Some of our other sessions such as Ayurvedic, Reiki, Sacred Lomi, or Craniosacral Therapy approach these energy concepts, either directly or indirectly, in a global way that incorporates holistic bodywork. Another approach to energy work is represented by more specific and targeted techniques such as point acupressure and meridian based sessions. These types of sessions exclusively focus on the channel, path, or intersection point of the energy flow in the body relative to certain symptom or body organ issues. The techniques used in these sessions draw from various cultures' methods such as: Shiatsu, Korean Hand Therapy, Acupressure, Thai Yoga or Reflexology. While all these methods have differences in delivery technique, the concept of unrestricted energy flow in the mapped out pathway is the focus of the session. Acupuncture is a similar style of energy work in the same family of services. We have found that our acupressure session techniques are as effective as acupuncture without the need for using needles or puncturing the skin. With some clients, we may use silver, copper or gold self-adhesive acupressure points that will remain on the skin post-session. This allows for sustained energy point activation after the client leaves. Since a person can't leave an acupuncture session with needles in their body, the extended adhesive point usage is another example of a benefit of acupressure over acupuncture.  (60 minute session - $60.00)