Reiki | General Energy Work | Supportive Therapies

Reiki Sessions

There are a lot of different definitions of Reiki. We describe Reiki as a Japanese form of meditation and concentration that helps facilitate healing and wellness. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. Blockages or stagnation of energy are seen as the cause of illness. This lack of flow can manifest itself in physical, mental, emotional or spiritual compromise. Reiki techniques and methods help eliminate these blockages and improve energetic flow. A Reiki session is typically 60 minutes long and does not require the client to remove any clothing. (60 minute session - $60.00)

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Aromatherapy and Herbology

A majority of our sessions inherently integrate the usage of essential oils, base oils, aromatherapy and herbology. Our Signature Sessions - Sacred Lomi, Ayurvedic or LaStone are perfect examples of when we use essential oils and herbs to enhance the experience and effect of the session. In some situations, a client might purely request suggestions or consultation for aromatherapy or herbology questions. In these cases, we can set-up a 30 or 60 minute consultation session to review the current issues, make recommendations, and in most cases provide an aromatherapy or herbal based option. Our scope and goal is not to diagnose or treat conditions. We strive to make meaningful suggestions that can help our client improve their overall hardiness and wellness so that the body can optimize its own healing capabilities.