Lymphatic Bodywork

Lymphatic System Body Map

Improve Hardiness - Recover From Illness - Reduce Swelling

Lymphatic bodywork is a very subtle, light touch session that is designed to improve the natural flow of the lymphatic system fluid. The lymphatic system assists the immune system in removing waste and infectious by-products from the body. Under normal circumstances, the natural movement of the body assists with moving the lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic system does not have any type of pump (like the heart in the cardiovascular system) to move its contents. During infections, after surgical procedures such as lumpectomies or mastectomies, lymphatic node stripping, or due to a host of many other situations, lymphatic fluid can congest and not flow properly. The lack of good flow or obstructed path leads to swollen lymph nodes, edema (swelling) and less than optimal ability to clear the lymphatic fluid. Many clients get periodic lymphatic massage as a preventative measure to help keep healthy and combat infection. There are numerous reasons why clients choose a lymphatic session. Please call or contact us to discuss your unique situation so that we can give you some suggestions for pre and post session preparation and aftercare. 

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Body Map

Targeted Muscle Relaxation & Pain Reduction Technique

At first, it may seem confusing to have trigger point therapy located in our energy based session section. A majority of people who provide trigger point therapy consider it more in the category of massage or bodywork. That might be because they do not fully understand the concept or mechanism of how trigger point therapy works. Trigger point work is more than simply pressing on a muscle somewhere. By definition, a trigger point is only a trigger point when pressure on the point causes a referred, distant, nerve or pain sensation. Usually, this sensation has a "radiating" characteristic and the pain sensation area spreads out as it gets further from the trigger point area. These radiating paths usually do not follow a nerve or muscle path. As an example; how does manipulating pressure on a trigger point in the shoulder cause a referred sensation in the scalp, face or affect a headache? We believe that there is some, yet to be understood, pathway that connects the two areas. Since there is very little science that documents cause and result of this process, we place the mechanism into the category of an energetic response or release. Trigger point therapy is more art than science. It takes time to find primary trigger points that target desired symptoms and results. There are trigger point maps that have been created based on some common observations, but these are not always accurate for all clients. Also, many "trigger point practitioners" go about trigger point work in a way that causes undue pain to their client. Because we view trigger point work as energy based as much as muscle based, we approach the process differently. We work slowly, with the client, with the client's breathing patterns, and progressively work the trigger point(s) until it responds by getting the desired affect in the pattern area. Our approach reduces the likelihood of inducing pain, bruising, as causing more harm than good.   

Aromatherapy | Herbology

Aromatherapy & essential oils used in Wishing Wellness sessions

Supportive Methods for Wellness & Well Being

 A majority of our sessions inherently integrate the usage of essential oils, base oils, aromatherapy and herbology. Our Signature Sessions - Sacred Lomi, Ayurvedic or LaStone are perfect examples of when we use essential oils and herbs to enhance the experience and effect of the session. In some situations, a client might purely request suggestions or consultation for aromatherapy or herbology questions. In these cases, we can set-up a 30 or 60 minute consultation session to review the current issues, make recommendations, and in most cases provide an aromatherapy or herbal based option. Our scope and goal is not to diagnose or treat conditions. We strive to make meaningful suggestions that can help our client improve their overall hardiness and wellness so that the body can optimize its own healing capabilities.