Reiki Sessions and Classes

Reiki Sessions

A Reiki session is designed to help a client improve mental, emotional and physical issues from an energetic perspective. Reiki assists an individual to relax and reduce energy blockages in order to improve the body's inherent ability to heal itself. Research shows that when the parasympathetic nervous system is working well, a person can optimize their potential for comprehensive wellness  Our Reiki session is typically 60 minutes long. For a session that exclusively uses Reiki techniques, the client remains fully clothed. It is recommended that you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Belts, tight bras, body piercings, jewelry or restrictive clothing distracts some clients from the subtle awareness of the energetic flow. It is also ideal if the client has avoided alcohol, smoking, non-pharmaceutical drugs, and caffeinated beverages for 12 hours prior to the session. At the conclusion of your Reiki session, it is ideal if you have some time to relax and remain in the state of harmony prior to getting back to your typical routine. Click here to see additional information    

Reiki Classes - Check Back for Dates and Times

Usui Reiki I / II

This is the first class to take in order to learn Reiki. Reiki I / II is primarily focused on learning and understanding the basic concepts, techniques and principles of Reiki. At the conclusion of the class, the student will be able to perform Reiki for self or others. The class also includes receiving several attunements that are an integral part of becoming more aligned and aware of Reiki energy flow. Reiki I / II are preparatory classes for those who wish to continue on to become Reiki Master Teacher. This is a two consecutive day class from 9AM to 6PM. We offer I and II together in order to help our students achieve their training in a more cost effective manner.

Usui Reiki Advanced Reiki Training / Reiki Master

Prior to taking Usui ART / Master training, the student should have already completed Reiki I and II and had approximately 1 year of time performing Reiki techniques for self or others. At the completion of this class, the student will be a Reiki Master Teacher and have the ability to attune others to the level of Master Teacher. The class occurs  over three consecutive days from 9AM to 6PM. We offer ART and Master Teacher together to help our students achieve their training in a more cost effective manner.  

Karun Reiki Master Teacher

Once a person has completed Usui Reiki Master training, they are eligible to attend Karuna Reiki Master Teacher training. This is a three consecutive day class from 9AM to 6PM. Since a student is already familiar with Reiki concepts and principles, all three levels of Karuna Reiki are taught at one time. Therefore, this class covers all levels of Karuna to the Master level. Developed by William Rand, Karuna Reiki is a refinement and expansion of traditional Usui Reiki and provides several additional tools and attunements in furthering the practice and teaching of Reiki.