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Shamanic Counseling and Sessions

Shamanic practices and techniques are cross-cultural and can help a person with emotional, physical and spiritual balance. We work with our clients based on their specific needs and goals. Two primary services that we offer are Shamanic Soul Retrieval and the Harner Method of Shamanic Counseling.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Shamanic Soul Retrieval involves a practitioner led Shamanic Journey, partnered with the client, to discover metaphoric examples of previous life trauma or issues. From a soul retrieval perspective, when a person is impacted by perceived traumatic events, emotional turmoil or other disconcerting issues, the person looses a part of their wellness and wellbeing. This impact typically happens at an unconscious level in order to help the person move on and compartmentalize the event. Overtime, events like this fragment a person and the person looses their spiritual, mental , or emotional wholeness or integrity. Soul Retrieval is a method to help restore and return loss fragments and restore completeness. The Soul Retrieval process is typically performed as a single session.

Harner Method of Shamanic Counseling

The Harner Method of Shamanic Counseling is a powerful and effective method of counseling that can help a person address personal issues, assist in making decisions, and clarify life choices. The method involves a five session process. The Shamanic practitioner assists the client with learning how to journey, develop a connection with a source of insight, develop applicable questions and goals, and find personal clarity and answers. While the method seems peculiar by traditional counseling standards, we have found that this method of counseling is extremely effective and insightful. As you review our web site, you will see that we have formal education and training in traditional counseling and psychotherapy. Our overall goal is to help our clients get the help that they are seeking. Therefore, we use what works and the Harner Method of Shamanic Counseling is a technique that we have found is useful for many of our clients.           

Shamanic Classes

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