Training and Education

Wishing Wellness Training and Education

Degrees, Certificates, Education

For J R Fatz - Owner and Primary Licensee

  • Aurora University - Bachelor Level Studies - Criminal Justice / Social Work - Dean's Award for Academic Excellence
  • Adler University  - Master Level Studies - Counseling Psychology - Psi Chi Honor Society
  • Adler University - Doctoral Level Studies - Clinical Psychology (Forensic Psychology Emphasis) - Psi Chi Honor Society
  • Adler University - Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology - Studied under Donald Meichenbaum and Arthur Freeman
  • Graduate Level Emphasis Courses:
    • Adler University - Clinical Hypnosis Theory and Techniques
    • Adler University - Clinical Hypnosis Skills
    • Adler University - Clinical Hypnosis Practicum
    • Adler University / Hektoen Institute of Medicine - Coursework in Clinical Neuropsychology
    • Northern Illinois University - Career Counseling
    • Northern Illinois University - Drug Dependency Counseling
    • Aurora University - Alcohol Use and Abuse
    • University of Utah - School of Alcoholism and Drug Dependency
    • Florida State University - Human Sexuality
  • Kishwaukee College -  Certificate in Massage Therapy (616 hours COMTA Approved) With Distinction
  • Clayton College of Natural Health (non-accredited) - Doctoral Studies in Natural Health & Herbology
  • University of Sedona (spiritual degree) - Doctoral Studies in Transpersonal Counseling (in progress)
  • East West School of Planetary Herbology - Certified Herbalist Course (in progress)
  • Former adjunct faculty Kishwaukee College - Massage Therapy Program
  • Former adjunct faculty Sauk Valley College - Psychology
  • Coast to Coast - Divorce and Family Mediation Certificate

Seminars, Classes, Training

For J R Fatz - Owner and Primary Licensee

  • Massage and Bodywork
    • Hawaiian Temple Bodywork - Sacred Lomi
    • Hawaiian Temple Bodywork - Advanced Sacred Lomi
    • Chinese Health Institute - Korean Hand Therapy
    • Sacred Stone Academy of Massage & Ayurveda - Ayurveda for Massage Therapists
    • Sacred Stone Academy of Massage & Ayurveda - Shirodhara Therapy
    • Sacred Stone Academy of Massage & Ayurveda - Marma Therapy
    • Body Therapy Education (Carol Osborne) - Pre & Peri Natal Massage Certification
    • Upledger Institute:
      • CranioSacral I
      • CranioSacral II
      • Lymphatic Massage
    • Society of Ortho-Bionomy International
      • Phase 4 Spine
      • Phase 4 Extremities
      • Exploration of Movement Patterns
      • Ethics and Emotional Issues
      • Upper Extremities and Ribcage
      • Phase 5
      • Phase 6
      • The Bowstring Effect
      • Chapman's Reflexes
      • Lymphatic System Course
      • Advanced Phase 4 Spine
      • Phase 4 Lower Extremities
    • Thai Bodywork Level 1 Thai Massage Fundamentals
    • Thai Bodywork Level 2 Therapeutic Thai Massage Fundamentals
    • Fijian Foot Massage
  • Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center - 200 level Yoga and Meditation Teacher Certification
  • Infant Massage USA - Infant Massage Instructor Training
  • International Center for Reiki Training
    • Usui Reiki I
    • Usui Reiki II
    • Usui Reiki Advanced Reiki / Master Teacher
    • Karuna Reiki I / II / Master Teacher
  • Reiki Path Empowerment - Usui Shiki Ryoho I / II Practitioner
  • Canyon College - Certified Meditation Instructor
  • Ayurvedic Institute - Basic Course in Ayurveda
  • Ayurvedic Institiute - Ayurvedic Bodywork
  • Foundation for Shamanic Studies
    • Basic Workshop - The Way of the Shaman / Journeying, Power, Healing
    • Shamanic Extraction Healing
    • Shamanism, Dying and Beyond
    • Shamanic Divination Training
    • Harner Method of Shamanic Counseling (5 day training)
  • Sandra Ingerman - Soul Retrieval Training (5 day training)
  • Temple of Kriya Yoga - Meditation & Yogic Studies

Background on Jim Fatz

Early Employment, Education, Training - For Jim Fatz

I generally prefer not discuss information about my past. I do not see a lot of value in spending time that is not focused on the here-and-now. However, I do understand that some people may want to know more about my background and experiences as it can help inform them, so they can assess my credibility when they seek services or watch our YouTube videos. Also, my past experiences are what has motivated me to be where I am today, to shift my career path and learn about new wellness and well being methods. I'll keep this brief.

At an early age I went into military law enforcement. I worked undercover buying drugs in the Miami Metro-Dade and Homestead Florida area and overseas in Europe. While some people may take offense to that role; I felt it was an important safety concern that military members were not using drugs while having access to weapons, chemical warfare agents and nuclear missiles. (This was the Vietnam Era and drugs were rampant in the military) Additionally, while in the military, I was assigned to an anti-terrorism team and received cross training in counter-sniper tactics and digital forensics. After active duty, I worked in civilian law enforcement in various roles: multi-jurisdictional SWAT Commander, Criminal Division Commander at a Sheriff's Department outside Chicago and Special Operations Commander at a large university police department. As I transitioned out of law enforcement and studied forensic psychology, I worked as a psychologist for a prison system at a state-wide maximum security mental health unit and also at a large juvenile facility. While at the mental health unit, I received State approval for dissertation research related to traumatic head injury history and inmate neurological testing. I also had roles as a hostage negotiator and community mental health practitioner and appeared as an expert court witness regarding domestic violence, mental capacity, parental rights, substance abuse and victimology. In 2003, while a member of the Army Reserve, I was mobilized for the 2nd Gulf War and subsequently diagnosed as having PTSD. Somewhere along the way, I decided that being in an adversarial helping role (like law enforcement) was not as suited to me as being in a collaborative helping role (Mental Health Counselor, Bodywork, Hypnosis, Meditation...) Thus, the shift in my professional focus. 

Prior Career Training Highlights

  • US Army Basic Training - Ft Polk, LA
  • US Army Military Police School - Ft Gordon, GA 
  • US Army Military Police Investigators School - Europe
  • US Army Criminal Investigators Course - Ft McClellan, AL
  • Drug Enforcement Administration - Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs Course - San Bernardino, CA
  • Drug Enforcement Administration - Undercover Officer Survivial & Tactics - San Bernardino, CA
  • FBI Special Operations & Research Section - Anti-Terrorism Training - Dugway, UT
  • San Jose State University - Sex Crimes Program
  • San Jose State University - Vice Crimes Program
  • Illinois Department of Corrections - Hostage Negotiator Training 1,2,3
  • NEMRT - Hostage Negotiator Training - Illinois
  • NEMRT - Facilitative Leadership - Illinois
  • NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Training- Pistol; Rifle; Shotgun; Range Safety Officer; Defense Inside The Home; Defense Outside The Home; Refuse To Be A Victim - Various Locations
  • College of DuPage - West Suburban Law Enforcement Academy - Glen Ellyn, IL